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Moto E (2nd Gen) vs Samsung Galaxy Core Lte

My phones with kodoo's small tab is due for an update. Requesting advice on the above phones. 2 phones will be for college aged kids, not into gaming. Myself: talk, messaging & some internet usage. What are the general recommendations. Thanks 🙂

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I would suggest having a look at the Samsung S3. Even though it's a old model, it's a great phone
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Subaru_Andy wrote:

I would suggest having a look at the Samsung S3. Even though it's a old model, it's a great phone

I wouldn't look at the S3 as it won't be updated with any newer versions of Android and it's over 3 year old phone now and after a little time the S3 begins slowing down drastically. For your needs I'd suggest checking out the Moto G, it's the best bang for your buck device on the market as its a entry level device but can keep up performance wise to devices that cost 2 to 3 times the price. The display is great for an entry level device and battery life is better than alot of high end devices. If the Moto G isn't available then check out he Moto E as Motorola is the only company that seems to be doing entry level devices right.
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For the most part, both phones are closely spec'd, though there are differences, (see comparison of the two phones - link below). http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=6846&idPhone2=6986 Side note: The Moto G lacks expandable storage and for devices that only have 8 GB of onboard storage, that number is significantly reduced when you factor in the space that the Android operating system occupies. Both the Moto E and Core LTE have microSD card slots. The Core LTE appears to be the winner in terms of greater storage space, a little more RAM and a built-in camera flash. The Moto E comes in at a close second in my opinion, because it lacks sufficient storage out of the box, (a microSD card can be purchased separately), slightly lesser RAM and no camera flash. If that's no concern to you, then the Moto E would be a good choice. The S3 is still a powerhouse of a phone, though it is showing its age as Paul mentions. It's also the reason why this once flagship device is now priced to sell.
Thanks for your replies. Decided on the Samsung S3 for the camera for myself. Rumoured Koodo will be phasing out Samsung Core LTE. For the other phone: Moto E as Moto G is recommended. Will only keep them for 2yrs. -then an upgrade. They are an improvement on my Samsung Ace II.