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Moto E 2nd Gen help

Hi Everyone,

I have a nearly 2 year old Moto E 2nd Gen. with some screen problems. The first, and most annoying problem, is that the screen will shut off during phone calls. It works fine every other time, except during a phone call. This isn't a problem if the person picks up, but if I get voice mail or a menu system, I have no way to hang up or enter numbers. I try reorienting it, pressing the power button, and holding down the power button, which sometimes, but inconsistently works. I have done a factory reset of the phone, but that didn't change anything. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The second problem, which I can live with, is that there is visible distortion on the screen. I can see bands of horizontal lines. The attached photo is an example.

I have about $40 left on my tab, so I was hoping that you generous people in the community forum might be able to help me with suggestions as to whether to fix the phone (and if so how) or get a new one (and if so what kind).

Thank you!


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Hi Jason,

Have you tried putting the Moto E in safe mode to see if the screen displays normally and that an app is not causing the screen to distort? Instructions on how to get into Safe Mode are in the link provided below.


Is there a case on the phone that's obscuring the phones' proximity sensor by any chance? If not, maybe the phone is starting to show signs of age.

The phone is past the manufacturers one year warranty, so any repairs will be out of pocket. Personally, I think an upgrade to a new phone is due. Phone selection will depend on your personal preference, what you want out of a phone and what your budget will allow. If you like Motorola/Lenovo products, there's the Moto G Plus, Moto Z or Moto Z Play. Motorola builds a fairly solid product. I still have a fully functional Moto X Play, (no longer sold at Koodo).


I'm using a Samsung S5 Neo at the moment. Battery life could be a little better, other than that, it's a decent mid entry phone. The Galaxy S6 might be a device worth considering, (last year's flagship). I can't say enough about the S7 Edge, awesome device! Only gripe, the screen protector took a lot of patience to install, (curved glass). Identically spec'd and without the curved glass screen, the S7 might be worth looking into.
Thank you for the advice.

Safe mode didn't work, unfortunately.

I appreciate all of your suggestions, although at this point I'm leaning towards Alcatel. 😞

Thanks again.