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Moto 3G data???

My phone is a Moto 3G... with 100mb data limit. My billing cycle is on the 11th of each month... On my
PHONE.. it shows that from Jan 11 2016 to Feb 10 2016 i used 98.87MB of data however on my SELF-SERVE ... it shows that from Jan. 11, 2016 - Feb. 10, 2016 i used  104.19 MB...

I got a 10$ charge because of this...
Does anyone else have this problem??
How can I avoid this?

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The issue is that Koodo will round up your data. So for example, you actually use 50kb of data, koodo would count it as .01Mb and not .005, because of this you will see small discrepencies such as this occasion here. Your best option might be to lower your data limit on your phone to 90 Mb if you have a 100Mb plan, which would leave a little wiggle room for these types of situations.
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Hey Lula! We suggest keeping an eye on your self-serve account to keep track of your data usage.  If you find that you're always going over, you can always switch to another plan that offers more data http://koo.do/1DOo8cA . Hope this helps 🙂