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More smart phones

It would be great to have a wider range of smart phones available for purchase such as: Google Nexus 6 (when available), LG G3, Sony xperia, etc.

It would be awesome to have a quick-glance on airtime and data usage right on the main screen after logging in. Currently, I have to follow two links to get airtime usage and yet another link on data usage. I really like how Teksavvy has their page set up where as soon as I login i see my internet usage statistic. Clicking on it will take me to usage screen with day-by-day statistics.

What would be even more awesome is if Koodoo implemented data sharing plans like Bell and Rogers do. Currently my wife is with another provider and its not really worth switching to Koodoo for her becuase the overall cost would be greater. If I were able to get her a plan with data sharing linked to my plan, then it would be enough to incite her to switch providers.

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