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Does anyone else find that there is not much memory on the Galaxy Ace? How do I up the memory and storage? I don't have the FB app on my phone because it takes up so much space and then I'm limited on how many apps I can have.

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youre stuck with about 60-70 mb of internal memory on the ace. There is nothing you can do to change this without rooting the phone and installing a custom OS.
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Download Task manager apps, it will optimize your Galaxy memory, I used it to kill all running apps I do not use. it worked for me.
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Yeah, there isn't much you can do. An SD card can expand your storage capacity but it's not a true fix for the issue. If this is going to be a serious problem for you, I would recommend buying a new phone. The Ace is a bottom of the barrel Android. You get a cheap phone, expect a cheap experience. Mobile Shop will give you $50 in PC.gift cards if you upgrade. The Ace II X would help you out a bit. Or spend a little extra dough and go with the S II X and get 16GB internal storage. Some of it is used up by the OS but still way more capacity. We're offering $100 in PC.gift cards for that one!
Add a Micro SD Card (Cheap ones, you can get like a 16GB in Future Shop for $20) and make sure the phones off. Put it in, power it up and youre good to go! ALSO FOR MEMORY Hold down the home button, go into task manager and click RAM and hit free up. Close applications you are not using, that may also help!