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More frequent device update

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I hope Koodo can always keep at least one low-/mid-/high- end phone for each platform (Android/Windows/iOS) up-to-date. In my opinion, there should be Moto G (2nd)/Moto X (2nd)/Nexus 6 for Android; Lumia 635/830/930 for Windows; iPhone 5c/6/6+ for iOS. I haven't seen device update for months from Koodo, and the cellphones Koodo provides (especially Samsung things) are neither cost-effective nor up-to-date.

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Can't see a Lumia 930 when Microsoft never released it in Canada.
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Koodo has all those iPhone's, although stock may not be great on the 6 or 6+. And for Android they have Low: Moto G/Galaxy Core Mid: Nexus 4/S3 or S4/Note 2 and High they have the S5. Its mostly windows thats missing, and judging by the feedback on this community, they would be better off launching the Blackberry Classic than a Windows phone.