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More flagship, high-end, and new phones!

Can you guys please get some other flagship phones? Motorola Moto X, Sony Xperia Z/Z1, Htc One etc. Koodo would be so much more appealing if it had the selection of phones that Rogers and Bell have. I believe Koodo has a 5/10 rating where Rogers and Bell have 3/10 ratings. Koodo is definitely a much more affordable carrier to go with, but a lot of people like how many phones Rogers and Bell and other carriers have, which is why they go with them instead of other, more affordable carriers with an inferior selection of phones. Please just get more FLAGSHIP phones. I see one of your newer ones (Dec 27, 2013) is the Moto G, and to be honest, why get such a lower spec device when you can get the flagship one instead (Moto 😵? Also I think it would be a great deal breaker if all of your plans included some kind of monthly data plan instead of the pay-as-you-use kind of format. Even if they just have as little as 20mb of data, at least it's something that they can use in a pinch instead of some ridiculous pay-as-you-use cost ($5 for 25mb of data, really?). By the way, you're considered the best Canadian carrier to date, but you can bump your rating up a lot if your customers actually had a better selection of desirable phones. The only really good phones that are desirable to most consumers that care about their device investments and quality of their phones are the Nexus 4,5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. I understand that you've got the iPhone lineup, but iPhones are really expensive and overpriced. You could do good with some high-end Android phones. And please don't go into the Blackberry phones. Blackberry or RIM or whatever the company is called are in serious debt and it is a total waste to invest in their products. Just my opinion. Thank you and I hope you can improve in these areas.

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Hi Matthew, You can post similar topics as Suggestions next time. The best part about Koodo is the ability to buy any unlocked phone, bring it over to Koodo (considering they are compatible with the network), and get 10% off towards your monthly plan.
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I think koodo is trying to appeal to people who either care about the newer phones and don't mind paying full price if koodo doesn't carry it. That's why they give you 10% off if you bring your own phone. Also, I can't imagine koodo being able to carry all the phones as they have smaller stores. Managing the inventory for 50 phones is always going to be more complicated than for 10 or whatever the number I phones koodo has right now. The moto g is actually an awesome phone for the price and competes well with higher end phones. I do wish it came with more storage, but one can manage.
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I somewhat agree. But I don't want Koodo to become like Virgin where they try to carry almost everything Bell has because then what's the point of going with Bell? Rogers/Fido have an exclusive with the Moto X so don't expect to see it on Koodo. Keep in mind that Koodo has to buy a minimum amount of phones from a manufacturer to sell them, so it might become too costly, so they just let Telus buy them instead. If you want a high end phone, you have to pay for it. I know it would be nice to able to subsidize it with Koodo instead of Robellus but... Idk. Ivan, myself, and I'm sure a few others will get our phones by other means (Kijiji, EBay, etc) than a carrier and just bring it over.