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More Accessible UI & App Internet Access Notification/Blocking

As the carrier, you have the capability to modify the Android frontend GUI of the Home Screen and other utilities. You can add for example the "Mobile Data" switch in the tray with Wifi, Screen Rotation, etc. This will definitely make our lives easier since we wont have to always go to the settings page to turn it on. Some of us (as users) turn mobile data on and off pretty frequently so that other apps don't take up data in the background which brings us to the next idea. By default, all apps should be blocked from background downloads like "updates", and the option to turn it on should be easily accessible (eg. First Page in Settings). Also, it would be convineant if the user is warned when a large bandwidth download is taking place or should take place on Mobile Data. The download size of the file about to be downloaded can be gotten from the HTTP request header so Koodo's version of Android can inform the user about the large download he/she is about to make while using Mobile Data so there's consumer awareness. Data flexibility may also help for consumer satisfaction, there are a lot of users not completely using their data quota every month so taking it easier and "Letting them know that you forgave their overuse of data" may help with their satisfaction of the service. Obviously this may have other implications like if it's known by everyone, some users may abuse the system and expect forgiveness but Koodo can state that there's a corporate download quota and that they reserve the right to charge or forgive to settle the disputes.

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