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Montly tab charge increased

Why has my month tab charge increased 3 fold? My month bill has gone up and after checking my bills I have realized why. My tab charge used to be part from me and part from Koodo. I was only being charged 5 dollars. Now it's 15 from me and nothing from Koodo. If Koodo has stopped contributing that's fine but why are you charging me more? I recently switched phones and when I did the service girl assured me everything would remain the same. I paid more money out of pocket and turned down a promotional offer so I could keep my tab at a small. Now I'm being charged an extra 10 a month! I could understand the first bill being more for any extra charges and service changes but this is bill 2 and it's still higher then it should be.

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So you got moved from the old to the new tab system. The current tab medium is 15 a month as you see. You likely misunderstood or it wasn't explained properly. Even the current tab small is 10 per month. Does page 3 of your bill say tab m charge 15? Then that's what you're gonna pay for 24 months. So you're saying the rep assured you that you would not pay more in total or that you would not pay more for your plan?
Yes it says I'm on a medium tab but I should be on the small tab not medium. That's why I had to pay extra upfront for the phone; with a medium tab is would have been 100 dollars I paid close to 350. So even with the changes, which I wasn't told about, it should be 10 not 15? But when I got the phone the girl said everything would stay the same. Plan, tab, monthly bill. That's why I upgraded my phone even thought my old one works fine still. Also why I decided the extra cost upfront for not getting a medium or large tab would be worth it to me to be able to keep my monthly expenses the same.
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Hi Megan,

Were you able to get the situation clarified? If not, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.