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Mobile Data stopped working - APN is correct, 486MB remaining...

Dear Koodo, Mobile Data is no longer working, although it was last billing cycle, and I have not changed my phone or APN settings in any way. Out of 500MB, I have 486MB remaining - I have hardly used any data. I have a currently active base plan, and can sms etc no problem. When I turn on Mobile Data, the "3G" icon appears, then after a few seconds changes to "H+", then dissapears / turns off, then starts again. This loop repeats for ever. Nothing->3G->H+->Nothing->3G... I called *611, and it said I would be charged $5 to fix what clearly appears to be a network or account issue, which is not reasonable, to be charged for faults beyond the customers ability to control. Can you please log into my account and fix this problem, or have Koodo call me to fix? Thanks! A. Customer.

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No one can do anything from the community actually but did you try a reset of your phone by taking SIM card out?
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Also you're only charged if koodo has to do something you could have done yourself via self-serve. Tech support is always free.