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Mobile data not working on android

My koodo prepaid shows that I have lot of data usage left on my phone. I am able to send and recieve msgs / call but my data is not working. I tried switching off the phone and turning it on, airplane method but nothing seems to work. any ideas? I am using Samsung note 2 (android)

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Apparently there is a network issue at the moment (you aren't the only one experiencing this). If is not fixed by tomorrow morning, I'd call Koodo. But for now it's just a matter of waiting until it starts working again...or doesn't.
I'm having this issue too since last week. I'm using S3. (ie. Most of the time cannot connect to internet via mobile data but can always connect via Wifi)
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Have you tried resetting the APN? Settings--> Wireless & networks--> Mobile networks--> Access Point Names--> tap the 3 dots & select "Reset to default" Then reboot
I've tried "Reset to Default" and create a new APN as well. Reboot each time and even take the battery out for few minutes. still getting intermittance connection via mobile data.
Something really wrong with Koodo networks, Having same problem for at least 2 weeks, it seemed the issue fixed in my living area yesterday, but when I went to Markhamville mall, Markham yesterday, getting intermittance connection again, went back to home, its stable. Really annoying.