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Mobile Data Icon on Notification Screen Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)

  • 4 May 2017
  • 3 replies

I recently bought an A5 2017. My old samsung phone had a "Mobile Data" icon in the notification screen that I used to quickly toggle my mobile data. Although I have found websites that show the A5 having this notification icon available, it isn't included on my phone. (I'm assuming Koodo has blocked this feature). Is there a way to put a quick link to the mobile date function (within the settings>connections>data usage menu) on the home screen to facilitate quick access?

3 replies

Because carriers like to tinker after the phones are sent out
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No one ever blames the phone manufacturer.  They always blame the carrier.
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Check out this thread. People shared many suggestions and i am sure that one of them will work for you. https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/samsung-s7-edge-nougat-update-quick-settings-missing-hotspot-mobile-data-was-there-before-update