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I edited my mobile limit to be cut off at 400mb. I got a message saying that my mobile data is disabled. I try to get rid of the message but it keeps coming back. How do I get rid of that message for good without using up more than 400mb of data??

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Is your data actually turned off manually? Go to settings and check. I think that may be why it persists.
Yeah it is. So there's no way to get rid of the message without it coming back?
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Make sure that you are near a wifi signal (so that you do not get charged for your data usage) Turn on your data briefly Then go to your mobile data limit and disable your mobile data limit (for this your data has to be turned on, which is why you want to be near wifi, so that you do not get charged for data usage). Once you mobile data limit is disabled, then you can turn off your mobile data again. You should no longer get the message that your mobile data is disabled. You can leave your data off for the rest of your billing period and only use the wifi connection. This message is not actually coming from Koodo, but it is coming from your phone saying that your phone shows that you have reached 400MB (your limit) and is cutting you off. If the first option does not work, then try chaning your mobile data limit to 405 MB (then you have not reached your limit and you would no longer get that message), then you can turn off your usage limit, and your data, and no more message. Hope this helps