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MMS with photo sends multiple messages

When I attach a photo and send a message, the recipients receive at least 3 to 5 copies of the message. Very annoying. I'm using a Google Nexus 5 with Android 5.0.1. I'm not sure if it matters but I'm using the app named 8sms (aka Messaging) for my texts.

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If your using a 3rd party messaging app you should try either a different 3rd party app or the built in messaging app (hangouts) and see if its happens using those as well. If it doesn't happen then it's the 3rd party messaging app your using and you should contact the developers of the App and ask them about the issue.
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Are you sure you are sending multiple times or are they just receiving multiple times? DOes this happen with SMS too?
I send once, but they receive and/or it displays multiple times. It does not happen with SMS. I'm trying out a different app called Textra to see if it works any different.
Hi Greg, I have this issue too. You've probably figured it out by now but I'll leave the answer here for others. The problem is that you did not disable the stock Messaging app and switch 8sms into stand-alone mode. See the "(Sending) duplicate mms messages all the time" heading at http://8s.ms/duplicate-notifications-or-messages for more details. A special note for Motorola users: Recent phones (confirmed for RAZR MAXX and subsequent on ICS and KK) require the stock Messaging app for SMS and MMS to function properly. The Disable command not available for the app in Android's Settings, and if you freeze or remove it with Titanium Backup or similar, 8sms will not work properly - whether it's in stand-alone mode or not. At this time there is no fix other than to use the stock app for pictures, or expect that people will receive duplicates.