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MMS - Video Messages - Android

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It seems that no matter what text messaging program I use, my video messages don't seem to reach my target. The program says it has been sent, but the receiver never gets it. Yes, my APN for Koodo is correct and I know it is because I can send pictures messages and they do reach their destination. 

I have used Google's "Messages", the stock "Messaging", EvolveSMS, Textra and GoSMS.

Using Moto G3 with Android 6.0.

Anyone else having issues with sending video messages and not having them received at the other end? [b]If you're NOT having issues, I'd like to know what SMS program you are using so I can test it out.

Thank you.

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Firstly, you really cant send videos over text more than a couple seconds long unless they are of lower quality so I would suggest using some other method. To try and fix this though, try sending the video to yourself and see if it comes through.
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Im using Textra.

In the settings my carrier send limit is 1MB and MMS behaviour is legacy