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Missed calls from people who haven't called me

I constantly get missed calls from phone numbers with the same first three digits as my phone number.  My phone never actually rings for them but I get the missed call and if I call the number back it is someones number but they claim not to have called me.  I also have received calls from people saying I did the same to them (they got a missed call from my number, but I did not call them). 
This has happened on multiple phones (different brands and models) so I'm pretty sure it is related to my number.  Does anyone know why this happens and/ or how to fix it?

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I found that post, but is there anything I can do about it? 
This has been happening for a very long time....
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The only partial defense is to change your number, or ignore / reject calls from people not in your contact list.

Still won't help you when other people complain about [i]YOU making phantom calls to them.

Happens to lots of people.