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How do you find your minutes used on line in your account. It doesn't make sense. On my account it says 0/173 airtime? Yet the page full of details of those minutes say 99 mins total. Why does it say 173??? And how much of the minutes are before 500 which is what I am supposed to be charged for;;;This does not make sense. How do I know what I have used in my plan so that I know its not going over?

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I found that for this purpose the app is much straight forward. Go to Google Play > Koodo and download the app.
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You must just sign up with Koodo or changed your plan. "0/173 min " - it's a prorated amount. " full of details of those minutes say 99 mins " - it's showing you your total minutes usage including your free minutes -evening and/or weekend. It seems you only used your minutes during those free minutes.
No it shows total minutes 99 but that's everything before and after 5pm. How do I see just the minutes that are not free that get counted towards the 200
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You can use self serve App as Tiz recommended