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Mid Range Devices Needed

Koodo, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring out more mid range devices ie. HTC one mini (codename HTC M4) this device should be announced in the next week and released in June (if it comes to Canada). Currently all you have is the samsung galaxy sIIX in the 4.5" and under catergorie that is a respectable phone. there seems to be only low end and high end devices and nothing in between.

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It seems like most Canadian carriers are lacking in the midrange phone department right now. Phones between $200-$400 on Koodo are: Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S 2 X, and the iPhone 4 (8GB). The HTC One Mini (M4) would be a great addition to Koodo's lineup, and so would the Moto X (although supposedly it will be an exclusive to Rogers). Also, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, and/or Nokia Lumia 820 would be very nice to see as well. My speculation is that the new tab system just came out - so now we will see more ~$300 phones to make use of that $300 tab option - pricing midrange phones at $0.