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Messages and voicemails are only coming through after I restart my phone

My text messages only come through when I turn my phone off and on again. When someone tries to ring me it just goes straight to vm even though my phone is turned on and shows that I have full coverage. I also don't get their vm until I turn my phone off and on again. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. Any ideas/help much appreciated!

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That's really weird. If it happened only once it's alright but does it happen repeatedly? Are you able to place calls & send SMS?
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Are you in an LTE area? There have been some problems with LTE phones not switching back to HSPA when calls come in. Try turning off LTE for a while and see if the problem stops. If it doesn't it could be a bad sim.
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Hi Keith, is it working fine now? Keep us updated! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.