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Maybe not new and original - but...

I would like to see more options for phones with larger memory sizes, that is my only wish for moving to Koodo. There is nothing over a 16GB iPhone and most of the phones have been release for a while. I would love to see some of the new more innovative phones be an option. For an uber nerd being able to have a TAB for a new device vs. having to go buy one out right (making my wallet hurt) would be awesome! Some of the phones i would like to see would be the Sony X2 (waterproof!!!) or the new iPhone 6.

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I agree, and not sure why they don't offer the higher gig phones. I can only wish I had the $ to buy a 16 gig. to 164 gig iPhone 6. I think there going for about $1,000.00 after taxes on the upper end.