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May be a dumb question

Hello, I just have a quick question are the phones on this site in CAD or USD? I'm looking at the note 4 it says $3xx but the galaxy s6 egde is $500 if its in CAD i'll buy the egde. See I'm currently in the states and my wife is in Canada. I plan on buying her a phone when I go up there for christmas. 

Also is koodo GSM or CDMA?

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The note 4 is 344 if you take a 2 year term with the tab.
It's 704 outright.
These are all in canadian dollars.
And Koodo is HSPA

CDMA don't use sim cards at all and GSM is the older version of HSPA
It's GSM. And prices you see depends upon the region
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harry wrote:

It's GSM. And prices you see depends upon the region

[b]Koodo does not have a [b]GSM network, only HSPA.
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Also keep in mind that you need to be a koodo customer to purchase a high end device from Koodo at most locations.
Yea i'm aware that you need to be the authorized account holder to upgrade a phone. I found a phone on amazon. The dealer is Samsung so it's not gonna be a cheap knockoff. However, It's for at&t i know that this carrier uses HSPA. The question is will at&t unlock the phone? I heard they are generally pretty easy going when it comes to unlocking but have you guys had any experience with unlocking a at&t phone? 

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