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Match competitor's plans for existing customers - not just new ones AND better product warranties

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Treat your existing clients like they always deserve the best out there and they will stay with you, unlike me who plans to leave as soon as I can. The minute we sign you act like we are worthless because you have us locked in. Stand behind your flimsy products. In the 3rd week of my contract my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 slide off my couch, falling only 1 foot onto carpet, and the glass shattered. Instead of offering to help the Koodo rep I spoke with informed me that not only does Koodo not give a crap but now the phone's warranty was void. I ended up ordering the replacement glass on Ebay and fixing it myself - something that a Koodo warranty obviously could have covered since the repair was so simple that I did it myself in 20 minutes with my only guidance coming from a YouTube video. I expected more from Koodo since I thought they were a smaller company that would take better care of it's customers, but now I come to find out that they are owned by Telus and are no different from any of the other Canadian Goliaths. I will leave Koodo the second that I have an opportunity to do so and instead of adding a phone for my Husband he will be going with another carrier.

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Anytime Koodo launches a new plan it has always been available for existing customers. So that means if they decided to match a competitors plan you could change to the new plan. As for the warranty issue, you have to remember Koodo didn't make the phone. The company that builds the phone is the company that warranties the phone. So in this case (and with pretty much every manufacturer) physical damage is not covered by warranty. A lot of the reason for this is that there is no way to tell if damage was intentional or accidental. And unfortunately you will find that that policy is the same with any carrier you choose to go with.
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Koodo does not manufacture phones. It is simply the phone provider. The warranty is voided by any manufacturer if you drop and break the phone. In your case, you should be pointing the finger at Samsung as they were the ones who made the phone to begin with. No matter which service provider you go with they will tell you the same thing in this kind of situation. It's unfortunate that you broke the screen but it happens to the best of us, just be careful next time and use a case to help protect your investment.