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marshmallow update nexus 5 Issues

So I have a Nexus 5 recently updated to the Marshmallow update. Though I like the interface I've been having serious issues with my phone randomly booting down. Sometimes it restarts on its own, other times it takes a few tries before it wants to turn back on for me. It's very frustrating as I run a business and use my phone a lot. Note: My phone is in great condition and have never had these issues prior to the update. What can do I do about this?

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Hi Jean!

I suggest you first try a "soft reset" of your Nexus 5. That usually fixes this type of issue.

You can do that by holding the power button down for approximately 30 seconds. The device will restart after that.

Keep us posted 🙂
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If that doesn't work back up your data such as contacts and photos, ect and then perform a factory reset, it's highly recommended to do this after any major update as apps can not get optimized properly during update installation. Also some apps may not be optimized for a new update when it first comes out and having a Nexus which gets the update first it is more likely that apps have not been updated to play nice with the newest version of Android at the time. Since this is the case I wouldn't recommend a Nexus device to be your phone of choice in the future to run a business from or if you wish to do so do not update your device so early in the life of a new version of Android.
Hi Guys, and thank you for responding to me.

As it completely shut down, with no rebooting in sight (it would just cycle through "google") I decided to go to the Koodo stall and have the guys take a look at it. After 2 of them trying to soft boot, hard boot and even plugging it in to try and get my items off my phone - it was a no go. They had mentioned they'd seen Marshmellow mess up a few phones but not nearly as bad as mine (go figure...). I'm really annoyed because I did really love my Nexus 5! So, they called and tech opted to send it in for repairs...a cost of $225 that I would have to pay. I couldn't justify it, and neither could the guys helping me. Why should I have to pay for a repair that I didn't do damage to? It was infuriating to hear, though the guys were really supportive and doing their best to help (they were really nice!).

Instead, I opted to pay off the rest of my tab at a lower cost and get a new phone... but I'd like to express my frustration to the Koodo world that I should not have to pay for a repair when my phone only stopped working directly after the update... it was working without any issue before that. It forced me to have to get a new phone, which I really didn't want to do because I don't have that kind of money at the moment but I run a business and rely on it heavily so I had no choice. Obviously I've learned my lesson to not update so soon after its release.

 Thanks again.
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Jeanwrap wrote:

Hi Guys, and thank you for responding to me.

As it completely shut down, with no rebooting in s...

I can think of another manufacturer who would likely have replaced your phone without question!  Hope you chose well in selecting your new phone.