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Making the switch Q&A

I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone from Wind Mobile and I am wanting to make the switch to Koodo - 1. Can I even do that? 2. Can I keep my existing number? 3. How is the overall reception at Koodo?

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Hi Ashley, 1. Of course 🙂 But you might have to unlock your phone, which is usually around $20 from sites such as cellunlocker.net 2. Yes, you can port your number from Wind to Koodo 3. Reception is excellent, and coming from Wind, you could even say superb... it's as good as Telus and Bell (same towers) Welcome to Koodo!
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Hi Ashley! The link below is to the Bell Website. Since Koodo uses the same towers as Bell, they should have the same coverage. This is a map of there coverage area if you're worried about any specific areas. http://support.bell.ca/Mobility/Network_coverage/What_is_the_Bell_network_coverage_in_Canada Welcome to the Family!
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Regan, it would be better to link to Telus' if anything since TELUS owns Koodo and Bell and Telus don't exactly share all their towers. Anyways, here is Koodo's actual coverage map for you, Ashley: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/coverage-maps