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Making new phone work on existing plan

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I just acquired a new phone last night and am trying to figure out how to make it work. It's a Galaxy A5. I'm an existing Koodo prepaid customer and bought a new unlocked A5 at a Koodo booth in my local mall. I'd like to keep my existing plan.

The Koodo employee sold me a new SIM and I went to the Koodo prepaid site to change to the new SIM number; I submitted the new number and that apparently worked, the last 4 digits of the card are displayed as my current SIM.

When I try to make a call though, just to test that the phone is working properly,  I get the message that the phone is not registered on the network. The Koodo employee said I didn't need to do anything other than change the SIM registration but I'm guessing she omitted a step because my phone won't work (as a phone; the rest of it works fine).

Can someone kindly tell me what additional steps I need to take so that I can make/receive calls and texts on my existing phone number but with the new phone?

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Try rebooting your phone with NO SIM in it. It will give an error, but will force a reset of anything in your connection chain. Then insert the new SIM and try again.

It's been my experience on prepaid that making a SIM or service change like this sometimes takes an extra reboot or two.

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I removed the SIM card and rebooted but I and didn't see any kind of an error indication. I tried to make a call to our landline - without a SIM in the phone! - and it let me! It successfully dialed and rang the landline. I thought the only calls you could make without a SIM are to 911? I've put the SIM back in and called my cell from the landline and it worked fine.

None of that makes *any* sense to me but the phone works now and that's all I was after so I'm a happy camper!

Thanks VERY much Bob!