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Make self serve accessible with a phone number or account number and a PIN instead of a password and email.

I work at a retailer and I find it hard to help customers with self serve, when it was set up previously by another agent, rep or the customer themselves, when they customer does not remember their email. It becomes even worse when they can't remember their password as well. If the system instead used the phone number or account number and then a 4-6 digit pin, there would be less people forgetting emails and pins(hopefully no one forgets their phone number...). Don't get me wrong, some people would forget, however that number of forgetful people would drop significantly compared to what it is now. Also, say for iphones or devices that have fingerprint scanners, that could be used as well for the self serve app. I realize that passwords that are 8+ in characters are extremely secure, however sometimes they can be too secure, for the customers... People make a number of different passwords for different websites, so it would be nice to simplify Koodo with a PIN and put a limit on how many times it can be entered until customers have to call in to reset it with a security question. 

Also, since Koodo charges $10 for changes when customers call in, maybe they could make the app, as intuitive as the online self serve. It would save people a lot of trouble as some people think that self serve the app can make all of the changes they need, when it's really the website. This can be a pain point.

Lastly, make refer a friend and the self serve registration the same registration. This would make a lot of customers lives easier because they only have to register with Koodo once, instead of twice. Ironically, the self serve online leads customers straight to the refer a friend website, which then they have to register again for.

I know all of this is long winded, but it could help customers lives and give them a better self serve experience as koodo focuses on it so heavily! 
If you want more ideas, I'm full of them!

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Jermaine, from experience, I know that a PIN would be no more memorable than a password to those customers, especially if they can't remember their email address. Until we get folks subscribing to products similar to Telus' implementation of Mobile Connect a Login & password / PIN remains a necessary evil.
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Great feedback Jermaine! Truly appreciate it. Let me try to provide some answers where I can. I agree with you that phone number as a username would be easier for many reasons. Gets a little tricky to implement as emails are unique for much longer than phone numbers are. When people cancel their line the number is recycled. Anyways, we are working on this although it's not top priority. 

As far as the password, that unfortunately can't be simplified security and privacy reasons. As you can see, all around us, the once simple password is changing drastically requiring all sort of conditions. Of course this mean people forget where they put the capital letter, or what symbol they used etc. It's a pain but we can afford a PR snafu simply because we didn't make our password requirement strong enough. 

As far as the app, you are right. It can't do a lot of things people can do on our site. It had its life and nowadays provides no real advantage or usefulness. That is why we are considering simply scrapping it it. It serves no real purpose anymore especially since we introduced shock-free-data plans. People have stopped checking their usage since we now give them notifications and pause data when they reach their monthly allotment. So the app will be gone sometime this year. Not a lot customer have been using it anyway. 

Refer-a-friend registration with your self-serve account is only a few weeks away! :-) 

Don't hesitate shoot more idea! Would love to hear them.