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Make it Easy to Check My Vocimail

I find it annoying to enter password and follow voice prompt everytime I have to check my voicemail on my Android phone. Can you provide an option to bypass the password if I calling from my phone?

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It doesn't have anything to do with the phone; it's your voicemail account. There's no way around it because would you want other people to be able to check your voicemails anytime they want?
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There is a method that will allow you to bypass entering your password each and every time. As Jonathan warns, this is a security vulnerability as anyone would be able to access your voicemail, unless you have some other security measure in place, like a pattern or password protected lock screen. You'll have to locate your voicemail number, this is accessed by tapping the Phone icon. Depending on which Android device you have, there is a Settings menu within the Phone app, (either three dots or a menu softkey on the device itself). Select Call settings, tap Voicemail settings, tap Voicemail number. Before you edit the voicemail number, write it down somewhere. The number should look something like this: (e.g. +1xxxxxx4001). Add your four-digit password to the end of the string of numbers separated by a comma, it should look like this: +1xxxxxx4001,0000 (no spaces). The comma allows for a two second pause or delay and will automatically dial the four-digit password. Note: If you don't see a comma on your dialpad, press and hold the period key (if applicable) and a popup will show a short list of punctuation marks. Press and hold the zero key momentarily to obtain the + symbol. To bypass the voice prompts and get to your voicemail messages quicker, press 1 on your dialpad while the voice prompts are playing.