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magnetic cases?

Are magnetic cases safe - those that turn off the display and put it into sleep mode when the cover is closed ?

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Are they safe for the phone? Sure. Are they safe to rub against the magnetic strip on your credit cards? nope but it won't impact the chip or NFC on them. . Also keep then away from your Chicago cassette tapes (learned that one the hard way).
Thanks, I've read conflicting things online regarding possible damage to the phone with these "smart" cases.
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I think it would depend on the actual size and strength of the magnet. I can almost guarantee that case manufacturers' are not using neodymium magnets for the magnetic clasp. The magnetic case I'm using for my Note 4 has a magnet half the circumference of a dime and half as thin. The magnet is powerful enough to keep the clasp attached, but has trouble holding onto a couple of two dollar coins. No issues with the screen, S-pen or even compass calibration, (which uses a magnetometer).
I have a note pad Galaxy II , I also have the pen,and , I find that the phone is awesome, the Best phone I've ever had in my life....,and 1 thing I can say is that if you can hold a tooney with it or even a dime you have a problem with your phone it with rune it completely...