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Want a plan to just talk , no data or texting

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Koodo does not offer any talk only plans. You are free to not use the texting or data part of the plan, but it is included in all of them.
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I'm with you Brien.  When I started my plan 4 years ago it gave me 150 anytime minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends, and I think a limited number of basic texts.  If I wanted anything else I could buy it as an add-on.  But as time has passed it seems that Koodo has bundled more and more in.  That hasn't been a completely bad thing - incoming basic texts (over which we have no control), for example, are now unlimited and free - unless all you want is a basic talk service, of course, then I can see the perception that you have to pay for something you don't want in order to receive what you do want.

Keep asking.  The cableco's are unbundling - if enough people ask for it, some telco may do the same and eventually offer a "just talk" plan.
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check out publicmobile.ca if you want unlimited talk only plan