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LTE rececption

I have an unlocked LG G2 on Koodoo, but I cant' seem to get LTE. It only picks up on 4G. I did a speed test and only get about 9Mbps instead of the 20+ on LTE. There is LTE coverage in my area, as I have another G2 on Telus that has no issues. I've attached the APN screens below.
Any suggestions?

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In settings... Wireless and networks... More... Mobile networks...

Is network type set to lte/wcdma/gsm?

Play around with that setting to be sure lte is turned on. Lots of phones have it off because it used to devour batteries. Also can you post a screenshot taken with your wifi off? Thanks.
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What's the model # of the G2 you're using? Some of the models localized for Europe or other foreign regions won't have compatible frequencies. You need 1700/2100 for LTE.
It's the G2 (D803) CDN variant. I just tried Chad's suggestion and that did the tirck. It wasn't set to LTE/auto, just the GSM / WCDMA auto. Thanks all for the help and suggestions. 
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Yeah, that would have affected it. You're good to go.