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lte htc desire 601

I put my Koodo sim card in an htc Deire 601 (originally from Bell, unlocked). I got steady LTE coverage (after setting APN). The official web site of this phone( http://www.htc.com/sea/smartphones/htc-desire-601/#/) shows that this phone supports 4G - LTE 900/1800/2100/2600 MHz, whereas, Koodo coverage is 1700/2100.  Anybody could explain where could be the point. Thanks

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2600mhz is also used by Telus/Bell and Rogers for LTE in certain markets. It's used for higher lte speeds that approach/ achieve true 4G standards. 1700/2100 is the primary LTE bands being used. Rogers is bigger on using it but Telus/ Bell have also launched it.
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The 2600 Is part of AWS, right?
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AWS is specifically 1700 uplink / 2100 downlink mhz. 2600mhz is named Band 38 for TDD-LTE purposes in general.