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lost sim card

i lost my cell phone recently and someone tryed resetting my cellphone and its locked to the google screen and they also took my cell phone sim card what do i do go to the provider or ?

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i also forgot my google account is there a way my provider can reset it 
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No, Koodo is not Google and can't reset that for you. You should be able to reset your password from Google login page. As for your phone, I'm confused. You say you lost it, but someone tried resetting it and it's stuck on the login screen? How do you know this? Did you recover your phone?
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You can report your phone lost / stolen through self-serve, to prevent anyone using the SIM and running up charges on your account.

Koodo has no way to provide any services or support regarding your Google account, through if you can still access your Google Account, you can refresh your password.

yes i found my cell phone but my sim card was taken out of it and somebody tried to factory reset it  to steal my cell phone probably i totally forgot my google account on the cell phone but it says i can send an authorization number to my sim card so do i do that ?
i forgot my google account username and password but i have my cell phone right here
but someone stole my sim card so i have no way until i go to my provider
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Ok. Well the phones bricked until you can log in to your Google account, SIM or not. Try using a friend's phone or use a computer.
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How about Log into self serve > Scroll down to the bottom of the page > Suspend/restore a lost or stolen phone > suspend it.  So, no one can use your sim.
Then you have to go to a Koodo store to get a new sim > self serve > restore your service > change phone > enter new sim number.

Your old sim will be useless after you activate your new sim.
If you couldn't restore your service via self serve, then you have to call Koodo to do it. 
Ask your family or friend to use/make a phone call .
if i go to my provider and pay for another cell will they give me one or ?
okay i will do that thank you guys very much for the help