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Lost phone, bought insurance, what to do?

I lost my phone, purchased the insurance on it, what do I do now?

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Hi SC, First log into your self serve account and make sure you put a suspension on the device so others can't use it and run your bill up.
Next contact the insurance company Koodo works with that contact info will be present within your paperwork when you got the insurance and account. Losing your phone is a total bummer. Good thing is you can suspend your service right away to prevent the bad guys from using it. Just follow these steps. Log into your Self Serve account. Click on the Mobile Phone tab. In the Lost/Stolen Phone?” section, select either Lost or Stolen device. Select Submit.
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If you mean the insurance from Koodo's  "Extended Warranty", then they don't cover for lost phone.

From the Site: What is not covered by Koodo Extended Warranty?
There are some things both plans do not cover, such as the examples listed below. For a complete list, please review the program overview. 

° Incidental or consequential damages
° Changes or enhancements to your phone
° Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts
° Problems with the phone before your enrollment was in effect
° Failure caused by computer viruses
° Out of box Accessories 
° Any cosmetic damage
° Loss or Theft

But, you still need to suspend your service first as Paul said.
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Mayumi wrote:

If you mean the insurance from Koodo's  "Extended Warranty", then they don't cover...

Great point Mayumi I was thinking of something else with the insurance, you are 100% correct and I apologize for my error SC.