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Lost my htc desire

Hey guys, I was wondering what you could do if you lost your htc desire?! Its lost in my house somewhere but no where to be found any suggestions?! Any thing that i could possibly try ill do it!

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Call and message your # from someone else's phone. If it's off then that won't work, though. That's the only thing that would help if you think it's in your house.
Thank you! Do you know by any chance if i contacted koodo they could give me a location just incase it isnt in my house?
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No, they don't have access to that info. You would have had to enable a tracking app of some sort beforehand. Android device manager can work too but if another person has gotten into the phone they might have factory reset it already. I recommend you log into Self Serve and mark your device as lost/stolen so it gets blacklisted. That way the other person won't be able to use.