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Lost App after repair done on phone

  • 11 June 2014
  • 3 replies

I just had to get my phone fixed and when I got it back I am not able to download my TD app that was on my phone before I sent it in for repair. Can you explain what happened and how to fix it?? I have the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Everytime I go into the google play store it tells me my device isn't compatible with this version. I don't understand when I had that app on my phone prior to having it repaired. Really not impressed if this was caused during repair.

3 replies

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They may have downloaded an update to the Android Operating System to fix some of the issues with the phone and the Dev's of the TD Banking app may not have made the app compatiblewith that phone running the newer version of the Android OS. You may have to wait until the Developers of the App update the app to include the phone running the new software. You can try emailing them from the app Page within the Playstore near the bottom of the TD app Page although you may want to try the next solution first below. The only other thing I could see is your phone may be set to US when you initially set it up when getting it back from repair and not Canada which is more likely the scenario. Change it to Canada and it should solve your issue.
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I experienced the exact same glitch on my new HTC M8. I received the incompatibility message when I tried to download the TD app via the Playstore app from the phone itself. The 'workaround' or fix is to connect your phone to your computer via usb and download the app direct from the web-based Google Playstore. Works perfectly now. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.td
Thank you so much both are a great help!!