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Lost access to mobile data despite active prepaid account. Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1

  • 23 October 2014
  • 3 replies

I've lost access to mobile data on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Phone status reads 'disconnected from mobile network' and phone number 'unknown'. My account is active and fully paid. I can still make and receive phone calls. Wifi still works. I'm on prepaid for more than a year, and never had any problems until recently. I just can't access data away from wifi. The bars read grey. Resetting the phone briefly means the phone number will show up, but within a few minutes it goes back to 'unknown', and still no data access. I'm on Android 4.2.1, not rooted. Turning mobile data on/off/on, wifi on/off/on is no help. I'd appreciate any thoughts!

3 replies

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Hi KO, On the Galaxy Nexus you should try removing the battery and sim card from the phone for about 30 seconds then put them back into place. Once the phone is back on give it a moment to reconnect to the network. If it still doesn't click in go into Settings then More then Mobile Networks then click on Network Operators and let it search for available networks, if Koodo is available, click on it and see if it will connect. Hope that helps 🙂
I'm embarrassed to admit that taking the battery out for a reset seems to have worked. I thank you.
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That's alright, sometimes it's just the little things that help out 🙂 glad to hear you're back up and working. Have a good day.