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Looking to upgrade phone today!!!

  • 11 March 2015
  • 2 replies

So I just currently paid off my tab so right now I'm at a $0 balance. My last phone I went with a Tab Medium because I had $300 to use toward a new phone. Now when I go under my tab it shows I'm only with a Tab Small? My question is now that my tab is paid off I'm looking to upgrade my phone. Can I now go with a Tab Medium and again get $300 toward a new phone? Also am I able to keep my same plan with the Tab Medium? Thanks in advance!

2 replies

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Yes and yes, Rebecca 🙂 But you'd need to visit a store to get your new phone with Tab M 🙂
That's what I'm doing 🙂 Thanks sooo much for the fast reply. This is why I love Koodo! 🙂