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Looking for a new phone, actually two.

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We are both on pay and talk and would like new phones. We just bought new phones, but, they are not working for us. We tried to go the cheap route, thinking that the HTC Desire would work for us. I isn't working out so well.
So, we are thinking about getting the Samsung Galaxy S III from Koodos shop.
Reason for not liking the HTC... Very slow. Very, very small internal memory. Horrible camera. 
Just looking for some input on the Samsung.
I am not looking for the best phone, and obviously don't want to spend $1000 for a couple phones ($600 will be bad enough)
Are the Samsung and Moto E the only two choices we have in this price range for Koodo pre-paid? We are an hour away from any Best Buy, and a lot further away from any Koodo shop.
Thanks for any input.

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Don't even look at the Galaxy S3 if your concerned about being slow as its a very outdated phone. The only phones I'd recommend at a lower price range are Motorola's offerings as nobody does low priced devices better than Motorola. Devices shown under prepaid are usually tour options yes however some places will sell you the postpaid phones but their will be a $50 premium attached to the price shown if they will sell you them at all.
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Well, looks like I may have to sacrifice speed then. Not much of a choice for people who don't use a phone much.
I guess as long as there is a bit more room for apps (our phones now, can't even up date the apps we have, as there is no memory), and, a little better camera.
The only thing we use data for is to check e-mail occasionally, and
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Brian Paul wrote:

Well, looks like I may have to sacrifice speed then. Not much of a choice for people who don't us...

Also keep in mind that the Galaxy S3 will not be updated any further since it's reached its end of life status, so your stuck with whatever it has on it.
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Thanks Paul.
So, I am basically stuck with the six phones that are available for pay and talk?
Which, in reality, leaves me with only two choices? The galaxy s4 and nexus 5?
Can I not get a phone from the list in the regular plan phone list and just pay it out?
Thanks again for any help. We are really getting frustrated with our limited choices. Not being big cell phone users, we do not need a big phone plan with a top of  the line phone that needs to be replaced every year.