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Looking for a new phone

Wanted to add a second line to my other account as I am up for renewal with bell and was thinking of switching to you guys but I'm looking for the lg Optimus G pro phone. Do you guys have this phone...(I haven't seen it on ur website) or have you heard of it coming out in Canada anytime soon?

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No but they have the much cheaper Nexus 4 which is based off of the LG G PRO. I have the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2,Galaxy S3,Blackbery Q10 & Nexus 4 & of all those devices I've chosen to use the Nexus 4 as my main device as it runs as good or better than all of the others even though it's priced at less than half the price of say the Galaxy S4. Everyone who frequently posts here also recommend it as its the best bang for your buck of all Androids on the market right now. Stop by a kiosk and check one out and you can even get one and try it out and if you don't like it you can bring it back within 14 days. I'm sure you'll love it if your looking for the G PRO anyways. Plus with the Nexus 4 you'll get the newest version of Android where the G Pro your going to be waiting like 6 months or more to get the newest version.
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If you're looking for an inexpensive high-end Android I'd recommend the Nexus 4. If you're looking for a bigger screen, they're getting the Mega soon.