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Looking for a great speaker.

Kind of off topic a bit, but I use my phone alot, I was wondering if anyone knew a great sounding speaker that was somewhat economical. also is there a way to send the radio to that speaker, . any ideas would be appreciated.

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What kind of phone do book have that you want to use with the speaker? Do you want to send the signal from the phone to the speaker with a cable or through blue tooth? How much are you looking to spend? There are alot of variables to deciding what speaker to use. Also do you want a portable speaker or something for your room? Like I said there's just too many variables to give an answer really, your best to go to an electronic shop like Best Buy or Future Shop and look at the selection.
Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

What kind of phone do book have that you want to use with the speaker? Do you want to send the si...

Thanks for your reply, tried to say thanks with a star and it won,t let me. I will try again.
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I've been using the "minis" for a while. They are compact and grat sounding. Only about $40-$50 bucks. http://www.tuvie.com/x-mini-2nd-generation-capsule-speaker-review/
Hi Sunny Daisy, Certain speakers have different sounds. Some focusing on the highs (treble) and the lows (bass) while others focus on the mid range. Do you have a genre of preference by any chance?
i have a Samsung galaxy ace2x i was hoping for a bluetooth speaker for my kitchen, and a rechargable for my stroller, i didnt have a price range but i was thinking cheaper is better, just wondering if anyone had any advise on a gem that they came across. as for different sounds I can not tell the difference, i have four kids so if it can go louder than them, thats a plus. but i still would love to know if i can send the radio out to said speaker,