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Lollipop for Galaxy Note 2

Most Samsung devices got Android 5.0 update already, I think you should roll out 5.0 update for galaxy note 2 as well.

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It's not up to Koodo, Samsung is the one who will decide to update it. I'm not sure if they will want to but they might.
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Will GMAIL LLIPOP is updated system is not is 44.2 depending on Samsung truthful is no different only difference is faster.good thinkg but holet system yeah I don't think note will get updates wich is stupid as for nexus yes is updated. but system is not good good phone error not turning off some people users acuse yeah butter Samsung will I hade just say poorly made error message the after a day error could not download app what Google made os if any one sale nexus don't buy in to it software Google LG just put the phone to gether...
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If I had a choice I would roll back to Kit Kat. I really don't like Lollipop. I was excited to get it, then after I was disappointed. Slow and sluggish, battery time lower, and occasional freezes. Note 4
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Older phone with few problems = stick with older original-design system. When a Lollipop upgrade rolls out, a good % of the posts on this and other boards are about problems encountered or why can't can't I get the newer problems soon enough? My Note 2 works just fine... don't need anything new to break it, thank you. We obviously have different opinions. It would be different if upgrades were voluntary, but they are generally not, and an real PITA to roll back.
Older phone with few problems = stick with older original-design system. When a Lollipop upgra...My note2 frzzing camra to much nose wen I down load app os tell me what good kitkit wen your camera is affected with this yeah not up to koodo Kitkit not good system