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locked out

i have been locked out of my login on my account, can you reset it please

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Nope! This is a community of customers, just like you, who have no access to your account information. If you need personalized attention related to your account, you will need to contact Koodo as described in the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page. I suggest you have information about your account at hand, so you can easily show you are the account holder, and get this issue straightened out!
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Hi Carolyn, None of us here are able to reset anything or access your account or anything for that matter. We are all users who like to help each other out! The best way to approach to this matter is to contact Koodo using *611 on your mobile phone and speak to the representative, they are the only ones able to unlock your account after they ask you some security questions of course! Hope this helps!
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Hey Carolyn, if you mean self serve, have you tried the "Forgot password" link? 🙂