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Locked myself out of my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 GT S5830D can someone help me get back into it please?

I decided to put a password (PIN) on it when I was half asleep, thinking I would remember it.. I haven't and I've tried entering what I think is my password over 200 times and nothing comes up, I know if the pattern one is messed up you can use Google log in, but with the pin number password it doesn't work. Can someone please tell me how to re-set my phone without losing anything? Would taking the SIM card and the memory card out and somehow reseting it work? I've tried pressing all the buttons when the phone is off and a screen comes up and it says "RAMDUMP Mode (ARM9 mode) and I'm not sure what this means.. and I'm fresh out of ideas. I've tried plugging in the computer but nothing comes up on Windows 7 I tried clicking on Devices in settings and it said Samsung but I click on it and nothing will work.

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Removing the SIM and memory cards don't have anything to do with accessing the phone's functions. The reason why you can't see it on your computer is precisely because you put a lock on the phone. If it was possible to access the phone's files with a computer to bypass the lock screen then it wouldn't be very secure. Unfortunately at this point you are stuck out of your phone unless you remember the PIN. The only way to get back in would be to do a factory reset, which will wipe everything from your phone. Let us know if you need help with that or if you'll try to remember it.
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If google login doesn't show, a factory reset is all that's left unfortunately 😞 Here are the instructions for a factory reset. http://www.phonetipsandtricks.com/tips/samsung-galaxy-ace-2/hard-reset-factory-reset-10/