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Locked my phone.

Aaaaaargh.! Forgot my password. I did a factory reset on my Samsung galaxy ace 2x . I have got a new phone and I put a password on that one, and I forgot it. I own the phone and wanted to pass it on and now its useless. Its not signed on to Google. Anyone know what I can do. 🙂.

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I suspect that the only way to get back into that particular phone would be to reflash it with new factory software (or a custom rom). I haven't been able to successfully boot the ace 2x into recovery mode. Safe mode and download mode, yes, but recovery mode, no.
I got safe mode too. My question. Can koodo unlock it. I own it , and will pay.
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I don't think they'll be able to at the store, they'll probably need to send it in to do so. Under warranty it's free of charge, not sure how much it would cost if the warranty is expired. You might also try Samsung Kies to see if it provides any way to factory reset the phone when you're locked out.
Awesome I just bought it in December. I will see what they say. 🙂. Thanks