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Loading Skype on my G3

  • 14 June 2015
  • 3 replies

I just bought a G3 and am setting it up. I am trying to load Skype on it. Question 1: when I try to go to Google Play directly from the phone to access it, i get a blank screen. What do I do about this? Question 2: I did manage to access Google Play by going through my browser. I followed the instructions, and it say that it was installed. But I can't see it on my phone. What do I do? Thanks

3 replies

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Hi Bernard, 1) Restart your cell phone, some times apps glitch out and need the cell to restart. 2) If you install through the browser, it will tell the cell to download it, so when you restart you should see it installing, as at the moment your phone is having issues with google play
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Hey Bernard,

Are you still experiencing issues with Google Play? Please let us know 🙂

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Hey thanks to both of you - Mathieu and Nabil (and my son Zack who also advised me). I gather because I downloaded Skype via my browser because Google Play wasn't working, the app either didn't really install or the icon didn't appear). I restarted and Google play reappeared. Then I went into Google Play directly and was able to install it..