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Living in icestorm area near Guelph...no cell nor txt service thru Koodo.

No cell nor txt service but rest is working in icestorm area. Why Internet but not txt nor phone use?

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Because it's generally easier for voice/sms to get overloaded during such circumstances, b it power outages or people calling and overloading the network that way. LTE is especially more capable of handling larger amounts of data traffic. Telus hasn't yet launched voice over LTE either and even if it did you'd need a compatible phone. IIRC voice is therefore still over the HSPA network. I therefore cannot imagine people overloading data usage during an ice storm
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Turn your device off and then back on you may get service after a simple power cycle.
LTE (data) and Voice (includes texting) services are provided by different networks, both are provided to Koodo subscribers by Bell in Ontario. During severe conditions such as weather, it's not uncommon for one network to be affected differently than the other. It has nothing to do with your device and totally out of your control. A quick verification would be to compare your symptoms with a Bell or Telus subscriber in the same area. If it's a network issue then they too will have the same symptoms as you. Check Bell & TELUS's websites for service announcements.