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Living Abroad, Mystery Charges--Not Using Phone

I have my gmail account synced to my Android phone (version 5.1, Nexus 4) and I am currently in South Korea. I haven't switched over to a local phone account because I want to hang on to my existing cell phone number, so I've turned off all roaming data/calling and just use it as a pure wifi device. On my gmail account, I'm originally from Canada and it appears that I can make calls internationally using gmail's google voice caller. It shows all my contacts on my phone, but when I punch in the numbers, it shows "free" to make the call home to a Canadian or American landline/cellphone. Recently, however, I've been getting charges anywhere from a $1.00 - $2.50 Canadian for calls that show from my number TO my number and the location shows as zzSEOUL. I'm just wondering if these charges are coming from Google Voice's international calling rates? If it is the case, I might seek some alternate methods for calling home.

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I think what google is saying that calls are free but it still uses data. I would simply take out the sim card from your phone to ensure you are truly using the phone in wi-fi only.
I'm not using the gmail's google voice on my phone though, I'm using it on my computer through the internet connection at my apartment. Most times I haven't even been touching my phone and these charges show up under airtime as calls, and not data charges.
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I'm not using the gmail's google voice on my phone though, I'm using it on my computer through th...Did you get a voicemail by any chance then that you retrieved?
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Here's how the Google voice app works on your phone

Gv is meant for USA users

It uses data to convert the number to a USA number before using the cell to make the call.

It isn't using data to make the call, it's using the cell signal. Make sure airplane mode is on and then turn on wifi.

If you want to make Internet calls install skype or hangouts dialer.

Source: I'm a trucker and I use Google voice in the USA to call back to Canada.
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Hello Kelp! Since we do not have access to your account here, please send us a message via this link http://koo.do/11eMLdy. Select Social Media and we will be able to take a look at those charges. Have a great weekend!