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Link to survey please?

I recently upgraded to a smartphone and was informed about a survey that I could do to rate customer satisfaction with the representative who set up the phone for me. However I do not have any information as to how to GET to the survey, is there a link or website? Thank you

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Sounds like you got set up at a Koodo Store, am I right? If yes, it'll happen a few days after you upgraded and you'll be contacted for over the phone for it
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They always told me that they might contact me for a survey. But I only got it a few times, not every time 🙂 If they didn't contact you after awhile, you could leave a Praise, feedback, or idea here if you want 😉
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It's a random survey I think if you upgraded at a koodo shop. That's what they told us. So not everyone gets the survey. As Mayumi suggested leave your paraise here. 🙂