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LG3 Battery Life

  • 26 August 2015
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I purchased a LG G3 6 days ago. I love everything about the phone but the battery life. One of the reasons I bought it was that the battery life was rated to be very high and at least double that of my husbands iphone 5c. I charged the phone and in about 9 hours with no activity the phone was down to less than 50%. The data reports the 30% of the power went to the cell in standby, 14% to the phone in idle. The product comparison on Bestbuy says that it will get up to 612 hours on standby and the iphone 5c will get up to 250 hours. My husband can go 3 days with data and wifi turned on. I have turned down the brightness of the phone, turned off everything but wifi and it is still losing the battery life too fast in my opinion. Is this what I will have to put up with with the LG G3? Should and can I go get another G3 and see if it as bad as this one?

4 replies

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You can get another one and see if your within the 15 day return window however I'm not sure you'll get any better until it's updated to Android M, the next version of Android which won't be for like another 6 months or so. If your looking for a device with awesome battery life then check out the new Moto X Play with its massive 3630mah battery that lasts up to 2 days with average mixed usage..
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It shouldn't be going down that fast. Try taking out the battery/SIM for about a minute, charge it full again, and see if the results change. I had the G3 and I could go into the 2nd day with light usage. If nothing improves it sounds like a poorly coded app draining your phone or a system issue. You can exchange it for another one within 15 days of original activation.
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How long does your screen stay lit once you stop using it? I have mine set to a very short period, as I know the screen backlight consumes LOTS of power.
I have it for 30 seconds but pretty well always put it to sleep.