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LG Velvet Complaint charging

  • 29 October 2020
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I ordered the Sunset color of the LG Velvet (even with covid on the go they said it would be delivered in 3 days.. I waited almost two weeks.. It was put in the parcel locker and out in the cold which im not sure could have caused an issue BUT my charger no matter where I plug it in it says slow charging speed.. My boyfriend got the same phone the day i ordered mine and his charger worked fine on my phone.


His battery last a long time and he is always on it... But im casually using my phone and its down 20% already. Unfortunately im very displeased.. Ive been with koodo a long time and this is the first issue ive had .. I hope there is something we can do. What should i do?

4 replies

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So the charger that came with his phone works fine but the charger that came with yours doesn't?

If so contact koodo and see if they can simply send you a new charger opposed to sending the whole phone back.

Yes., but it also seems not to hold charge as long as a new phone should either

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Unless it’s put in below 0C temperatures, battery should not be affected. Try factory resetting your phone and see if that’s the issue.

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Also, there’s a way to condition lithium-based batteries by allowing the battery to reach 5% or 10% capacity and then charge the battery while your phone is turned off completely. It’s best to do this overnight or when you least use your phone. Use your boyfriend's charger to charge your phone. Then deplete the battery to 80% and test with your charger to see if the issue is resolved. 

By turning the phone off completely, this allows the battery to charge faster and to full capacity, as there is nothing to impede the charging process compared to when the phone is powered on and charging.

I can’t see any reason why this would happen, but you never know. Compare the wall charging adapters between your adapter and your boyfriends to see if they’re the same. Both adapters should have the Fast Charge logo with a lightning bolt printed on it.

To be honest, you shouldn’t have to be doing any of these steps with a brand new phone. Since this is a webstore order, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to decide whether you want to keep or exchange your phone for another LG Velvet or something else.